CTK Presentation To Mustard Seed Communities - GABULL

Mustard Seed Communities founder Father Gregory Ramkissoon, top row left, was on hand as members of the Christ the King School community showered him with gifts, including a check in the amount of $13,211.56 for Mustard Seed to go along with the other $5,668.19 in online and mailed in donations. Presentation participants included (first row, l-r) Luke Stokes, John MacLane, Yvette Ravry of the Order of Malta, Isabella and Michael McDevitt, Dr. Mario Ravry of the Order of Malta, William MacLane, (second row, l-r) Forrest Whitlark, Peggy Warner, principal, Carolyn Bresnahan and Anna Nelson, and Father Frank McNamee, top row, right, pastor of the Cathedral of Christ the King.

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