2015 Eucharistic Congress - GABULL

20th Annual/2015 Eucharistic Congress

A 20th anniversary union of Life in the Eucharist teams took place during this year’s Eucharistic Congress in Marriott Gateway Hotel. Some of the attendees included (front row, l-r) Maria Smith of St. Monica Church, Duluth, Martha Velez, Emmanuela Medina and Annmarie Hendriks of Corpus Christi Church, Stone Mountain; (back row, l-r) Rosie Garcia-Carreras and her husband Deacon Evelio of Stephen the Martyr Church, Tito Espina of Corpus Christi Church, Maureen Alexander of St. Monica Church, Jonathan Espina of Corpus Christi Church and Phyllis McNeil of Holy Cross Church, Atlanta.

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